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In today’s “intelligent economy”, companies must make a paradigm shift in the way they deal and approach the users. It is fast becoming a “user economy” where the product is no longer the end goal, but services matter far more. It is precisely to attain this goal that STRIDE leaps in to tie the various design disciplines to bring forth a holistic solution from products to brand values keeping the user in the eye of the solution.

MIND'S EYE DESIGN works on the principle of collaborative services rendered through a unique platform called STRIDE.

STRIDE stands for STRategy, Innovation & DEsign.

Via the STRIDE platform, MIND'S EYE brings together a host of experienced specialists and associates geared to problem solving in an efficient and holistic manner. Fresh, sustainable, flexible and holistic are the tenets on which this collaborative working environment has been conceptualized.

Through MIND’S EYE STRIDE, we have on board over 50 experienced professionals in fields as varied and specialized as lighting design, structural design, anthropology, sociology and economics.

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