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MIND'S EYE is involved in the specific area of design related problem solving.

Our credo is to tackle each problem, keeping in mind its inherent uniqueness and therefore it's basic need to be understood and dealt with differently from the others. No two problems have the same solution. In a four dimensional world, time (the fourth dimension) plays an equally if not more important role in problem resolving and understanding.

From design solutions of simple everyday use products to life-saving medical products, MIND’s EYE now offers two critical design related services; that of design strategy and design research.

Industry today has matured to recognize the need for the design process and strategic planning for its’ brand, products, the look and feel of the company and most importantly, the user and the user’s needs both, perceived and the obvious. It is to help provide a holistic design solution that MIND’s EYE has been offering design strategy services to the industry.

And no true design development can be done without adequate and pertinent research. To help fill this lacuna in the Indian scenario, MIND’s EYE has started its STUDIO RESEARCH group which carries out both, in-house and client sponsored research projects in the areas of industrial design and visual communication design.

TO further ensure the correct delivery of its design solutions, MIND’s EYE also offers execution services through its sister concern called METALLICA. METALLICA executes a wide range of projects from corporate interiors, trade fair exhibitions and production of designs created in-house for its clients. METALLICA has executed projects all over India and in many countries in Europe and the Far East.

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