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MIND’S EYE was born in a basement in 1990.

MIND'S EYE was founded by Amit Sheth, an electronics engineer from BITS (Pilani) with a post graduate diploma in Industrial Design from NID (Ahmedabad). Amit is also a Member of the Indian Society of Lighting Engineers (MISLE) and even after 21 years of working loves to attend courses on technology, management and design. Amit shares his passion for design with that of teaching and is also a Visiting Faculty at a number of premier design and management schools in India.

MIND’s EYE’s initial projects primarily dealt with sheet metal products for the electronics industry and slowly graduated to complex plastic tooling as the industry’s need and the markets changed.

From being a primarily product design and engineering consultancy, MIND’s EYE over the years started it’s visual communication group and the interior design group to help meet the demands for quality design for it’s engineering clients.

From a one room, one table, one person company, MIND’s EYE today boasts of a 6000 sq. ft. facility with in-house facilities like a workshop, resource centre, computer labs and lots of open greens creating a superb environment for unique and out-of-the-box thinking!

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